Python Engineer

Job description
Join our core team as a Python Engineer, where you'll play a pivotal role in building an AI Data Analyst platform. This role focuses on developing backend components in Python for data pipelines, specifically geared towards integrating large language models and handling data-intensive tasks within a Kubernetes environment.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design, develop, and optimize backend architecture for executing ETL pipelines
  • Develop robust Python code, ensuring high reliability and coverage with unit tests.
  • Engage in the framework design
  • Actively contribute to product concept planning, bringing a backend engineering perspective to AI and data analysis solutions.
Required skills:
  • 3+ years of experience in backend development using python
  • 1+ years work experience with big data/data engineering/DAG stateful-stream-processing / data pipelines
  • Experience with Docker
  • Ability to design and develop scalable, clean python code that covered by unit tests- Product and customer-focused mindset
  • Good understanding of distributed systems
Education and degree:
Masters or Bachelor's Degree in a quantitative field (Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, Operations Research, etc.).
Specialized knowledge:
  • Development Tools (Git, GitLab)
  • CI/CD processes
  • Understanding of software development company functioning
  • Understanding of software development life cycles
Will be a plus:
  • Experience with big data stack (pyspark, spark, dask, etc)
  • Experience with AI/ML frameworks (pandas, sklearn, etc)
  • Experience with LLMs / ChatGPT
Skills and abilities:
  • Team playing and result orientation skills
  • Self-management skillsIn this role, you will be at the forefront of merging backend engineering with cutting-edge AI technology, creating solutions that answer complex business questions.
If you're passionate about pushing the boundaries of data science and AI, we'd love to have you on board.
About Datrics
Datrics, is a product company backed by YC in winter 2021. Datrics offers a user-friendly, no-code tool for data analytics and machine learning which is accessible to non-tech specialists, along with a unique platform for creating AI assistants using advanced open-source models like GPT. In Datrics you will work with heavyweights like Revolut, NEAR, KraftHeinz, and Sigma. By consistently delivering game-changing solutions, Datrics is redefining the landscape of AI and machine learning applications in the business sphere.
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To apply follow the link: Apply Now
or send you CV to kk[at]datrics.ai